Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Teamie

Today's Tuesday Teamie is someone we all know and love. And although he will probably not be happy to be in the spotlight, he certainly deserves the recognition!

Besides impeccable craftmanship with his beautiful leather work, he is a delight to know, has a great sense of humor, and is a very caring, sincere and honest man. If you know him, you have guessed by now that our Tuesday Teamie is 

From Greg's About Page:

Creating to fill a need and the need to create.

I'm a mason by trade but have many interests which I often feel are impinged on by my real job. The downturn in the economy in recent years brought the construction industry to a virtual halt and my regular job became an irregular job. My foray into the world of Etsy is the result.

My first attempt at working with leather was a number of years ago when I desperately needed a new tool bag for my masonry tools. Masons' tool bags are traditionally made of canvas with a leather bottom. The one I made was all leather with external slide-in pockets for a two foot level and brick spacing rulers. My self taught endeavors in leatherwork expanded as coworkers' requests and my own needs inspired further attempts at designing and constructing a variety of functional leather goods.

I am driven by the need to create and there is nothing more fulfilling than when my creations are desired and appreciated.

Greg Patt
owner, designer, maker
And how could you not desire and appreciate his beautiful work!

'We Treasure WoodBoneandStone'

Our Tuesday Teamie

Deerskin leather e-reader sleeve. - WoodBoneAndStone
Little mahogany calfskin wallet. - WoodBoneAndStone
Steer horn braided over with red and brown leather. - WoodBoneAndStone
Leather bib necklace inlaid with tigereye stone beads. - WoodBoneAndStone
Black leather cap. - WoodBoneAndStone
Leather hammer holster with security strap. - WoodBoneAndStone
Tan calfskin clutch wallet. - WoodBoneAndStone
Brown suede lined leather smartphone case with belt loop. - WoodBoneAndStone
Jade green croc embossed leather clutch purse. - WoodBoneAndStone
Leather belt with edge braiding and center applique braiding. - WoodBoneAndStone
Leather laptop computer case / sleeve. - WoodBoneAndStone
Dark brown leather messenger bag. - WoodBoneAndStone


  1. Great article and the perfect teamie! I have a couple of items made by Greg and absolutely love them. Excellent craftsmanship and impeccable customer care. :)

  2. He's a great asset to our team, and a talented leather artist. I have some items that he made, too, one that is mine and some others that are tucked away to give at Christmas. Kelli