Membership Requirements/Rules/Pledge

Please read Membership Requirements, Team Mission, Team Pledge and Rules before Applying for Membership.


1. You, individually or collectively, sell on Etsy

2. You offer in your shop:  

     at least 50% handmade* items
     100% handmade* supplies

3.  You have read and agree to the Team Definition of Handmade, Team Mission, Team Pledge, and Team   Rules.

We reserve the right to decline anyone who does not meet our criteria for membership

TEAM TAG - teamhandmade

TEAM DEFINITION OF HANDMADE - *self-made by the Artist

TEAM MISSION - Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance and value of artists' handmade products in our increasingly mass-produced economy. We strive to promote and support handmade artists and to provide assurance to our buyers that purchasing from a team member is purchasing authentic handmade directly from the artist or artists.

As a member of the Etsy Handmade Team, I pledge to my teammates and customers that I:

Meet all requirements for membership and abide by all team rules and regulations as set forth herein and below;

Uphold our Team Mission;

Abide by all of Etsy's Terms of Use and Does and Don'ts;

In any venue in which I sell, abide by all rules and regulations of the venue, and strive to represent Etsy and my team in a positive manner;

Treat my customers, teammates and fellow artists with respect and courtesy;

Understand and respect that definitions of handmade may differ;

Value my customers and strive for excellent customer service; 

Give my customers the opportunity to learn more about me as an artist;

Strive to present my work in a pleasing manner;

Use honesty and integrity when describing my work;

Use my own ideas and do not copy other artists' work;

Strive to improve my skills as an artisan; and

Actively participate in and contribute to the team by entering discussions, taking advantage of learning opportunities, and mentoring and supporting my teammates.


The team rules are included in the Team Pledge. Specific rules are as follows:

No team dues.

Members should actively participate in reaching team goals.

Do not post non-team treasuries in Team Treasury Threads.

Shops cannot contain unlicensed copyright items.

If it is determined you are not following team rules or upholding the pledge, you will be given a reminder to do so. If you ignore the reminder, you will be asked to leave the team (and thrown overboard!)