Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Handmade and Regifting...a match made in heaven

Well, maybe not made in heaven.  But they sure do go well together.  Like hand-in-hand.  Two peas in a pod.  Bread and butter.  Handmade and regifting.

To have a variety of gift type items in my shop for this big shopping season, among other things, I crocheted some rustic wine bottle cozies.  I paired them up with handmade leather gift tag pockets I purchased from and are made by our teamie Greg of Wood Bone & Stone.

So, I thought I would be clever and promote them as the gift that keeps on giving, over and over and over again.  For years to come!!  Just buy a new bottle of wine and pass it on.  Part of my tagline for them is "let's make regifting the 'in' thing to do".  Cute, eh?

Not that I thought I was being oh so original, but I did think it was kind of clever.

You know that old adage that there isn't a new idea under the sun?  It's true.

Turns out there is a site called  Not only does their fun site have a Regifting 101 page.  They also have regifting stories, regifting forums and they even created a National Regifting Day on the third Thursday in December, apparently the most common day for office holiday parties.  According to their very scientific research, 4 out of 10 people target their co-workers as the recipients of their regifts.

You can even have a Regifting Party!  See their Official Regifting Party Rules here.  Sounds like fun!

This got me to thinking about how can we, as a team, be part of this old/new, economical and eco-friendly trend.

I'm still thinking...

Here is what I thought.  Every two weeks, we will have a thread discussion called "Regifting Day".  This is where everyone will post an item they made that they think are regiftable items.  Part of the goal is to get our creativity in gear to come up with new items.  Items that are eco-friendly (reusable packaging) and economical (regiftable items).  Or suggest something to other members an idea we think would fit in with their line of work.  And just have fun with it getting ready for the holidays.

Start thinking now what you have or could make that would fit this theme.  It can be an item, packaging, or anything else that could be regiftable.  And no!  Not everything is regiftable.  :)

I'm not one to fall onto all kinds of trends.  But this is one bandwagon I do want to jump on.  I hope many of you will too.

So come on back to our discussion and tell me what you think about this.  I want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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