Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Challenge: Get Ready for Camp!

Okay teamies, it's Monday and hope you are all ready to gear up for the 2012 Holiday Season!

For the next ten weeks, we will participate in Etsy's Holiday Boot Camp 2012 and our Monday Challenge will follow the Boot Camp lineup.

Etsy's Boot Camp weekly post (with tips and advice on the week's topic) will go live on either Tuesday or Thursday, so we will be a little off-kilter with the schedule. Our Monday post will be about the previous week's Boot Camp topic giving us time to read, digest, and get started on the previous week's topic before team discussion.

After the challenge is posted in our forum each Monday, the posting thread will serve as the weekly discussion and progress thread. Our goal is to help each other prepare, and stay motivated and on schedule for successful holiday selling!

The first topic is "Get Ready," and that is what we are doing now. Here is the team Get Ready Checklist:

1) Post in this week's thread to let team members know you will be participating.

2) Read Etsy's "Get Ready" blogpost.

3) Sign up to receive the Etsy newsletter.

4) Prepare for next week's topic: "Stocking up for the Holidays. Are you stocking your shop with items that will appeal to shoppers this holiday?" You should receive the newsletter discussing this topic sometime this week!

So everyone put on your boots ------- we are going to camp!

 Cap'n Kathi


  1. I really hope this boot camp is easier than the Army boot camp I had to go through.

  2. Nervous but excited here! :)