Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monday Makeover Challenge

Our newest blog feature is the Monday Makeover Challenge.  This weekly feature will challenge each member to self-critique a particular section of their shop (banner, profile, listing descriptions, etc.) Those who decide to makeover the section can submit their "before and afters" and some of these will be featured on the blog the following week. Reach out to other members if you need help!

This challenge is designed to help each of us get our shops in tip-top shape for presentation to buyers, and also help us get ready for certification. So even if you do not want to submit your "before and after", please take the week to critique the particular section of your shop. Again, reach out to other members for their opinions and advice.

Our first Monday Makeover Challenge is Shop Banners. Think of your banner as the front door to your shop. It may be the first thing a buyer sees when they enter. A blurry or sloppy looking banner can be a turn off and may discourage the buyer from looking any further. When critiquing your banner, ask:  Does it reflect my style?  Does it give the buyer an idea of what they can find in my shop? For help with this challenge, read this article for banner tips and check this team thread.

Thank you to Matt and Jill of
Mystic Knotwork for allowing me to
post their shop banner here to use as an example of a well-done banner. As you can see, the banner reflects the style of their shop and gives the buyer an idea as to what can be found there. It also incorporates the nautical theme of their products and doesn't compete with product photos. Their banner draws me into their shop and that is what we all want!

Have fun and can't wait to see the before and afters!