Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Teamie

Our Tuesday blog feature will be Tuesday's Teamie, where one of our member shops will be featured.  We currently have 546 members, so it will take us about ten years to feature all shops! But ---------- hold on, you'll get your turn!

Our first Tuesday's Teamie is Cyndy of Luke's Blankets. I chose Cyndy for the premier Tuesday Teamie because she was the very first member to join my team of one! Cyndy is from Anderson, South Carolina and is new to Etsy. She opened shop on April 10, 2012, and has a beautiful story behind her handmades. Here is what she says:
I learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was in grade school. I remember thinking how fast she was! She taught me how to chain as well as a few stitches that I eventually figured out the names for and taught myself how to read a pattern.

Last summer I was blessed with my son Luke. I wanted to make him something special, and therefore made him a blanket. I enjoyed making his so much that I just kept making more. I found after a long day of teaching and running around it relaxes me.

I am a certified teacher currently working as a sub and teaching at the local afterschool program. My hope is to be able to stay home with Luke making blankets this summer while I am interviewing for a full time position.

I do most of my pieces in cotton because it breathes and is so soft and durable. Not to mention natural. My son loves falling asleep with his blanket and anything else makes him so hot. He is my inspiration and each of my blankets is made as though I am making it for him!

Thank you Cyndy for sharing your story.  I know all of your blankets are made with love, and do hope you and Luke get to spend the summer together! You are wished much success on Etsy and you will find lots of support from your team!

Let's all stop by Cyndy's shop and say "welcome and hello!"


  1. Love this story! Cyndy, I also learned how to crochet from my grandmother when I was about 8 or 9. She taught me how to make a rag rug. I still have that little rug, now almost 50 years later. So nice to read about you. Good luck with endeavors both crocheting and teaching. <3

  2. Great story Cyndy, I am a grandma and I love it when I hear stories like this because they remind me of teaching my own children and grandchildren to knit, crochet and sew. A lot of children these days are not learning to make things and I fear someday that handmade may become a lost art. Your work is beautiful an the love comes from within. Much success to you.

  3. Hello and welcome Cyndy.
    happy to know how you love to weave those blankets.
    Wish you all success.

  4. Great feature. I love knowing that Cyndy makes each piece as if it was being made for her own little one. That's what's so special about buying handmade.

  5. Cyndy, your blankets are gorgeous! I can tell you love what you make - well done!

  6. Thanks everyone for your support! I really appreciate it!