Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Team Challenge

Good Monday morning! Hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend! 

This week's team challenge is the Profile Challenge.

I am always so disappointed to find a new shop with beautiful, creative handmades, nicely represented, only to realize there is little to nothing in the shop's profile about the hands behind it all! Not only is it disappointing, but in today's Etsy environment, it is a bit suspect. As a buyer, I want to know something about the artist I am buying from - how long they have been practicing their craft, how they got started, what motivates them to create. And the cherry on top is when the artist shares a little about the process involved in their art.

Our team challenge this week is to self-critique your shop profile. Here is a good article about the subject, and of course, other team members are always happy to help!  If you rework your profile and would like to be featured here next week in the "before and afters", convo your old and new profiles to me. 

Okay Team - Let's do it!

Before and After
 The Banner Challenge

Your team captain is a bit unorganized, and as such, there are no "befores" from our banner challenge. But I would like to show you some "afters."

Greg's shop, Wood Bone & Stone had no banner. He discussed this in a team forum thread and Aimee of AimeePawluk graciously stepped forward and made a banner for Greg's shop. Greg now has a "front door" to his shop and it looks awesome with his handcrafted leatherwork!

Sandy of Grandma Sandeze Boutique was not happy with her banner, and Sylvie of Albina Rose made a new one for Sandy's shop. The banner represents Sandy's shop well:

Sylvie also helped out Chitra of Chitra's Jewel Art with a new banner which represents Chitra's work beautifully:

Besides examples of  "afters" in the banner challenge, these are great examples of  "teamwork"and reflect the gracious and giving spirit of our team! Thank you to all who participated in the challenge and team members who helped out others. You all are awesome:)


  1. Thanks Kathijane for featuring my banner.
    I was very unsure and nervous when I started on Etsy.Once I joined Etsyhandmade team, I came across wonderful friends who are able to give suggestions/tips in a jiffy. The above banner of mine is a creation by Sylvie. I was surprised within minutes she could come up with one. Having a skill is something wonderful but having the attitude to help and share is great. Long live...Etsyhandmade...

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  3. I reworked my banner also, and am so pleased with it. I must admit that my husband made the banner, but he's my partenr in everything so why not help with the banner as well. He also came up with the name for my shop last year when I began to sell on Etsy! :)

  4. Aimee - you did a wonderful job with Greg's Wood Bone & Stone shop banner. Very classy!