Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monday Challenge

Hope all of us were "touched" by last week's Team Challenge! This week we are working on photography with our:

 Click, Click Challenge

Nothing is more important to shop owners than the "Click." 

Every time someone clicks the "add to favorites" button in your shop, your shop listings become more visible, your shop door opens a little wider, and your shop is visited by more people. The more people who visit, the higher the chances of the all-important "Add to Cart" click.

"Click" equals visibility and "Click" equals sales, and the number one way to increase the clickability of a shop is through good photographs.


The number one way to increase the clickability of a shop is through good photographs.

Having the most unique, beautifully crafted products on Etsy will get you nowhere unless buyers can see what you have to offer through clear, crisp photographs. You can write top-notch SEO, you can tag, tag, tag - but without good photos - it is all for nothing. 

This week, our team challenge is to work on shop listing photos.  Here are some resources to get started, and as always, call on other members for help, suggestions, or photo critiques.

Keep in mind that the "click" of your camera leads to the "click" in your shop!


"The Ultimate Photography Guide," written by Kouture Crochet is posted in this threadShe covers how to improve product photos for less than $25.00.  If you haven't done so,  I recommend everyone read this very helpful guide.


Sylvie of Albina Rose started a team discussion on photography and presented good tips for item staging and backgrounds in this thread.  


Joy of The Craft Frog explains Fotofuze in this thread. If you are not familiar with Fotofuze, this is the place to start.


Other photography threads:

Seeking a better background
Making improvements

From the Etsy Blog:

Etsy's Guide to Photography
Mastering Depth of Field: Techniques for Dynamic Photos
Shop Makeover: Before and After With Photoshop
How to Take Photos Using Models

Go Team! Ready, Set, Click!

 Cap'n Kathi 


  1. Great article!! Reshooting my entire inventory back in December until I found the right combination completely transformed my Etsy experience in terms of exposure. Being the first things most shoppers will see of you, it's your 'face' to the shopping world. So put your best face forward, so to speak. :)

  2. I take awful pictures. If you look at my shop, there is a definite difference between the ones I've taken and the ones a friend took for me. I just don't have a good camera and I can't afford a good camera right now. I'm hopeless when it comes to photoshopping. So, I sent a bunch of pictures I had taken to my photog friend, and she is taking forever to get back to me. *sigh* I just have to live with my pictures, I guess.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I have book marked all the links shall go thru' them in detail.