Sunday, June 10, 2012

Monday Makeover Challenge

Today's Monday Makeover Challenge is not so much a makeover, as a challenge. We will call it the "Nagging About Tagging" Challenge!

There are several team forum threads and a blog post from Sylvie about tagging listings properly. Sylvie pointed out the importance of adding colors and trending tags to your listings. Other threads have pointed out that without the team tag, your listings cannot be found for team treasuries and promotions.

It is also important when making treasuries to tag the treasuries with the team tag. I have noticed some of our treasuries without the team tag, and some with no tags at all.  If treasuries aren't tagged, they can't be found!

Our challenge this week is to review the tags in our shop listings. To be included in team treasuries and promotions, please make sure all  listings include the team tag "teamhandmade."  Also, review your treasuries to make sure they are tagged properly.

(Some of you have asked why our team tag is "teamhandmade" and not another variation thereof.  During team organization, we researched various tags. Of those not being used by other teams, "teamhandmade" was most representative of our team.)

While reviewing your listing tags, also keep in mind to:
  • use all of your tags
  • use colors and color combinations
  • use trending tags if applicable
  • I have found that using the category tags again in my listing tags helps keep listings near the top of the category. For example: my category and subcategories: Crochet, Housewares, Washcloth. In my tags, I again use: Crochet, Housewares, Washcloth.
  • use variations of a word: washcloth, wash cloth. dish rag, dishrag. grey, gray.
  • use phrases: crochet washcloth
  • check your shop stats for search terms used by buyers to find your items and tag accordingly
  • review successful shops and see how they make use of their tags (don't copy, just see how they do it!)
  • and, make sure your spelling is correct:)

For other helpful hints on tagging, read these articles on the Etsy blog.  If you would like individual help with tagging, contact one of our team mentors.

If you have more tagging tips, please share!

Let's do it Team!  'Cause I'm gonna nag, nag, nag 'til we all tag, tag, tag!!!

Cap'n Kathi


  1. You know I love this post! Proper tagging is most crucial to being found, not just on our team, not just on Etsy, but just everywhere online. It's all about exposure. Which doesn't happen if you don't turn up in any searches. Thanks for putting it so well, Kathijane. :)

  2. Clear concise post Cap'n . Thanks

  3. Excellent. I've got all my teamhandmade tags in and now just need to add more tags that are relevant to my items. Thanks!

  4. Very informative . i do add teamhandmade in my treasuries as well as in my listings.I must remember to add colours too.