Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What About Packaging?

My apologies to our members who sell and ship larger items as this week, it's about small packaging.

I recently took part in a discussion that asked if packaging was important. I can't remember if it was directed at sellers or buyers, but everyone chimed in.

Throughout the conversation, two things stood out above all else.

1) most buyers did not care for fancy packaging as they felt it was wasteful and they were likely paying extra for it. All they wanted was to receive their purchases safe and sound.

2) jewelry makers felt that jewelry should be presented nicely in pretty packaging. And as a jewelry maker myself, I have to agree with this sentiment.

But it's also important to me, as with others, to be thoughtful in selecting packaging materials. What is the happy medium? I think I found a good solution. It works for me anyway.

About 5 years ago, I watched an Etsy tutorial on how to make Origami folded paper gift boxes. It was so simple it's ridiculous. I immediately knew this was the answer for me.

I make decoupage cuffs. So I purchase lots of paper. Sometimes pads of scrapbooking paper. But not all sheets are conducive to making a bracelet. The sheets I don't use, get folded into gift boxes. And often, they coordinate with the cuffs made from matching paper. Perfect!

For filler, I use shredded paper my hubby brings me from his office that he has by the garbage bagfuls. Then I tie it up with a raffia ribbon.

Because I already have the paper, get my filler for free and raffia ribbon is not expensive, I don't charge for the giftboxes. They are leftover paper and completely reusable, so no waste. And they look beautiful! No added cost for my customer, they actually have a little something extra they can regift and they get a pretty package that makes us both happy. It's a win/win for sure.

This packaging can be applied to lots of smaller type items. A 12x12 sheet makes a 4.5 inch x 2.25 inch square box. The 8x8 sheets make a smaller one, of course, for those tiny purchases. I also salvage and reuse absolutely everything my orders come in, right down to peeling the labels off the bubble mailers so I can reuse the mailer. This helps keep my costs down which is passed on to my customers.


  1. Thanks for sharing! If only my sound on my computer was working. Arg!

  2. I have a large roll of natural burlap. When a cutting board is ordered i custom create a burlap 'sack' to ship and/or store the cutting board in!

    The roll of burlap is inexpensive, reusable, and bio-degradeable =)

    Sometimes I wrap the board nicely (in the burlap sack) in tissue paper. I have so much excess tissue paper i have saved (hoarded) throughout the years i may have an endless supply! =)

    1. Love this idea!! I keep every single scrap of tissue paper I come across, Sam. Stores really go overboard in wrapping items sometimes. But it's to my benefit!!

  3. I can't package mine in paper. The puffy paint on the bottom of the Flip-Furs stick to it. Then the design on the bottom has paper stuck to it and ruins the effect. So right now I'm using gallon size ziploc bags, but I would like something a little more professional.

    1. Jen, how about cello bags? I don't think the puff paint would stick to that. You can buy it in rolls too.

  4. i loved this tutorial!!! i have sometimes made boxes using this method, but they are very time-consuming so i gave it up. it's anne from downtoearthcreations but i'm posting as anonymous cuz i don't really use the suggested accounts.

  5. Oh!!!! Sylvie!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! I just did a bunch of these for my Prayer Beads they came out perfect and are so easy. My customers will be so surprised to receive them in a pretty matched box. I have a ton of scrap booking paper I realized that I'm NOT the scrap booking type so ...... a big stack of paper = happy customers :)

    Thank you for posting this,