Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mobile Shopping

I have been wondering if there is a different marketing strategy we should use to target mobile shoppers on Etsy. Yesterday, my curiosity took me on a 12-hour journey across the internet trying to answer these questions:

Who are these mobile shoppers?
What makes a good shopping experience for the mobile user?
Is Etsy mobile friendly?

Here is what I found:

No longer are online shoppers browsing from their desktop or laptop; they are shopping from their mobile device while on the go - from the ballpark, the dentist's office, and yes, from the mall!  In fact, one study estimates that 50% of U.S. consumers currently use their mobile device for shopping. And according to wikipedia, "ABI Research has predicted that in 2015, $119bn worth of goods and services will be purchased via a mobile phone."

Who ARE these mobile shoppers?  According to an article from, they are "busy, on-the-go or live on their phones types. The people more likely to complete a purchase on their phones include mothers, office workers, young professionals and teens."

AND, from Mobiquity, Inc.:
According to mobile-ad company Greystripe, mobile shoppers are more valuable to retailers and brands than their traditional, in-store shopping counterparts across a number of metrics. Among the most significant are the fact that people shopping on mobile devices create more profits, are more influential (willing to write reviews rating their shopping experience and their purchases) and demonstrate less price sensitivity than in-store shoppers. Greystripe also found that how easy a mobile-shopping interface is to use had a significant positive correlation to mobile buyers’ willingness to make purchases...
What makes a good shopping experience for the mobile user?

-Good Visual presentation
-Fast view time
-Concise product description
-Accessible consumer reviews
-No-hassle, easy checkout
-They like deals - coupons, free shipping

Is Etsy Mobile Friendly?

I have never shopped from a mobile device, so my answer is:  I don't know. But this article explains Etsy's mobile strategy, and Etsy's mobile apps can be found here. And if you have never viewed your shop from a mobile phone, go to Go Mo and click on "See How Your Current Site Looks in Mobile."

Optimizing Your Shop for Mobile Shoppers

I had an aha! moment when I realized the mobile shopping trend explains the recent Etsy phenomenon of removing shop banners and adding customer reviews to listings (sound familiar?). Sellers are optimizing their shops for mobile shoppers!  And, from what I have read, these are the only viable strategies to target this group via Etsy.

In the end, my research left me dazed and confused, but one thing is clear:  mobile shopping is becoming the new norm!

Please share your mobile shopping experiences and any ideas or comments you have on this subject!

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  1. I check my site all the time on my phone while away from my computer....i love showing off my mobile shop to other people on my phone also---it looks good...the prices show up as little watermarks on the picture...

    I personally couldn't imagine shopping from my phone...but then again i don't shop much to begin with---SOoOOO i'm not a good judge of that =D

    Adding customer reviews might be a good idea though...HmmM....I wonder if i can just add a link to see my feedback?? HmmMmMM