Friday, September 28, 2012

A Team Collaboration

Instead of Friday Finds, today I'm pitching a team project. But be forewarned: this one may cost a little money to participate. Don't let that stop you though, because you can quickly make it back --  and maybe more!  And if you don't, you will instead end up with a unique piece of artwork!

The idea is to create a team collaborative, mixed media art piece. I have started with a blank 16x20 canvas and added a little piece of crochet work (a leaf in my favorite green yarn.) It is now listed in my shop. It is fairly priced so as to recoup my initial investment for the canvas and Etsy fees. I estimated shipping (within U.S. only) so total price and shipping equals $11.00.

If you would like to be a part of this project, you purchase the piece from my shop. I ship it to you. You have three days after receipt to add your signature handmade to it - decoupage, paint, fabric, leather, jewelry component - whatever medium you would like to use. Then, within the three days, list it in your shop with your price and your terms. It is then open for another member to purchase and continue the cycle.

This continues until either a team member decides to keep the piece (or is forced to keep it because no one is buying!), or it is purchased by someone outside the team. At this point, the piece is finished. The team member who keeps the finished piece gets to title it and hang it on their wall! Or, the team member who sells the finished piece to an outside buyer gets to title it and also keeps the money from the sale! However, if the team member sells the piece, he or she must start a new collaborative piece using these same rules.

  • By participating, you understand there are no guarantees the artwork will sell. However, the more team participation, and the more artful the creation, the higher the chances of selling!
  • Once you buy the piece, it is yours. You determine if it is finished or not.
  • If you don't relist it within three days of receipt, the piece is considered finished.
  • When relisting, add your name to the list of artists in the same format as mine.  Each subsequent participant continues the list. (This is to keep us Etsy-legal.)
  • Team members can purchase the piece up to three times, but must add something with each purchase.
  • Be mindful not to cover another's work. You can work off of it, but try not to make drastic changes to it. We want everyone's work to be recognizable (if possible.)
  • Do not add items that are not handmade. That is, do not add a mass-produced charm!
  • No copyright items.
  • As soon as you list it in your shop, post to this thread.

Besides creating a unique piece of artwork, this project will serve several purposes:
  • As art, it will be a representation of  both "team" and  "handmade."
  • The listing itself will serve as a team promotional tool.
  • If it lands in your shop, it may become a "what-is-it" that draws in buyers.
  • It may help participants gain a better understanding of pricing.
  • Participation allows the opportunity to experience other team members work.
  • One of our members could possibly make a little money from this project.
  • Should be fun to see where this goes!

Alrighty then.... Etsy Handmade Team Collaborative Art - Mixed Media #1 - now listed!

 Cap'n Kathi


  1. Fun idea. Do we check here to see where it is now?

  2. This is interesting! I am very weary about the three day rule my world, 3 days seems as quick as 15 minutes! Perhaps a week or two weeks is more reasonable? =D