Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's Get Cohesive!

OK.  Maybe we don't have to get cohesive, but does your shop have a chohesive look?  I have noticed that many successful sellers not only have a very distinct look, but their shop is very chohesive.  In appearance.  That means, the items all seem to flow well together, with the banner and the avatar.

For some shops, this occurs by the nature of the items they sell.  They all look alike in some way.  Maybe they're all made from the same medium.  Or maybe they only sell one type of item in many styles and colors.  This creates a natural flow.

But what if you don't have that natural flow?  Does this mean you must have similar items to have a cohesive look?  Not at all!  But I used to think so.  I make all different kinds of items from different kinds of materials in all different colors.  And styles.  Which, by the way, can be a cohesive look in and of itself if done properly.  But it wasn't working for my shop. 

You can, however, create that in other ways.  For examples:  if you use the same background for all of your items and tie that into your banner and avatar, you are creating a cohesive look;  if you use the same style photography for all of your items, you are creating a cohesive look.

It takes some thought and experimentation, but the results are worth it.  Because a nice flow connecting the items in your shop will be very appealing to potential customers as they browse.  It's easy on the eyes, looks beautiful and professional.  All things that make a customer's shopping trip more enjoyable. 

Here are 3 perfect examples, in my opinion, of shops with a very cohesive look in different ways.  You can click on the links below each photo to visit their shops.

Same item in different styles and colors

Photography style

Same background

So go forth with cohesiveness!!  We can carry on this discussion in our team forums.
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  1. I always appreciate your insight and posts Sylvie
    Great topic and examples. Especially about finding your own style. Sometimes it finds you. I have admired Walnut shop the photography and how it is presented I am drawn to the images. Here is a great example of product insitu.