Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Friday Finds?

I apologize for this not being team-related, but I wanted to share with you why we had no Friday Finds on the blog yesterday. I have been involved with Mission Cleanup at our home after a little huge incident a couple of nights ago. A massive 100-year old oak toppled in our front yard, taking half a 100-year old magnolia with it - along with our front fence and mailbox. The tree covered the road and dangled from the power lines.

The tree was such an old beauty and will be dearly missed!

The photos were taken after much clean-up.

Nice neighbor with his really big chainsaw!

We are very thankful that the tree did not----
  • hit a passing car
  • fall on a person or animal
  • hit our home
  • take down the power lines
  • crush our van parked four feet away

Trying to talk my husband into leaving this portion with the roots and bottom part of the tree for use as a natural planter.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend... and if you happen to be traveling through Georgia with your chainsaw....

(Friday Finds will return on Friday)

 Cap'n Kathi


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  1. OMG!!!! Yes, I agree. Thank goodness no one or anything major was injured in the process. And I can imagine how sad to lose two such beautiful and wonderful trees. :( I love your idea of keeping a portion of the tree for natural landscaping. Brilliant! And a nice way to keep a part of the beloved tree alive.