Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Today's Tuesday Teamie features one of our most dedicated team members. She is the most energetic go-getter I've ever met! You put forth a challenge, she is there. You put forth a call for volunteers, she is there. And the lady accomplishes more in an hour than I do in a week!

You will find her in the forums daily - putting forth challenges, interacting with other members, answering questions, asking questions. And I haven't done a count, but she has probably created more treasuries than all other members put together!

She is honest and straightforward, and dare I say - feisty! And she loves, loves, loves vintage fabric!

Today's Tuesday Teamie is April Joyce of Alabaster, Alabama USA, and her shop is Beasewn. April creates beautifully sewn handtowels, aprons and other goodies from vintage fabrics. And if you need something she doesn't have in her shop, she will probably create it for you. I asked for fabric rug yarn and voila! Next day, there it was! Big, beautiful rolls of fabric yarn - made, photographed, up and listed in her shop.


April recently became a Team Leader and is now our Forum Director and Moderator. She is doing an amazing job!

If you haven't already --- meet April:

 From April's About Page (photos added):

All about BeaSewn

April Joyce
owner, designer, Queen Bee
 My name is April and I live in the heart of bama with my husband,teenagers and an assortment of cats and dogs. I have always had my hand in some sort or craft or dirt or other. I have crocheted,gardened,made jewelry,dabbled in polymer and I even spent some time on embroidery last spring- but I always wanted to sew. 
A few years back I bought a bottom of the line sewing machine. It was always snarling, breaking and I wasn't good at it- Its easy to give up when you spend most of your time cursing your machine that never works right. Give up I did- for almost two years.  
My new years resolution this year was LEARN TO SEW! And learn I did. My husband surprised me on my birthday in January with a Delightful Babylock grace machine and a proper sewing table to go with it...From there it snowballed. turns out all I needed was a lot of patience,and something to work with.

I play with all kinds of fabrics- but vintage is my favorite. I can simply not stay out of the fabric stores. With lots of fabric,brings lots of projects. Naturally when things began to pile up I needed a place to sell it. That's how I came to land on Etsy.

I create Aprons,Tea Towels from vintage fabric and the occasional surprise and supply. I never know what I am going to make when I come into my sewing room in the morning- but I always have fun doing it. Lately I have been dabbling in little girls dresses!needle books,hanging towels and kitchen accessories. They aren't etsy ready just yet.
Looking through pinterest and seeing fabric collections made me want to hoard too, off I went. I am collecting fabric every week- sometimes more than once. I love it. Somehow the old and beautiful speaks to me.
Hobby lobby trim sales have been another downfall- I need a bigger room! I live by,if it speaks to you,buy it,something lovely will happen.
Of course you need a dress form- so another corner goes,And more fabric storage,and something pretty to put on the walls. Now I am surrounded by things that make me happy. I'm always picking up this or that to sit around.
Every day I am gathering, perfecting, creating,rearranging and designing something. I love what I do so much I have to drag myself away each night.
I hope you love and enjoy what I create as much as I enjoy creating it.

Besides her shop, you can visit April at her Facebook Page or her Shop Blog.  Everybody stop by her shop today and say hi!


  1. Great article and I have to say that you inspire me, April!! To just keep going and going and going... :)

  2. I'm honored. This just made my week. :)